Brian McD August 2019

The best official Dark Skies Tour in Tenerife! Simon and team are highly experienced in astrophotogpraphy which makes the difference. A very decent guy with extensive knowledge of Teide National Park. I would highly recommend!

The Best official Dark Skies Tour in Tenerife

I done my research before booking a tour to take me up Teide at night. Simon’s Dark Skies Tenerife stood out for his knowledge of the skies and I could sense his enthusiasm for the subject. This is not a guy just doing it for tourism, he has a genuine love for the night sky and it showed. I had some particular shots I wanted to achieve and Simon even went and scouted the areas beforehand to make sure I came away with the images. This is taking it to another level of customer experience!

My wife and I had the best night and the best banter throughout the night also, which was an added bonus to the experience. A very easy going guy with extensive knowledge of Teide National Park and the night sky and had great patience with me trying to get my shots. I won’t go into detail but Simon also assisted me with a situation that arose on my visit and for that I was extremely grateful!!!

Book Dark Skies Tenerife, the official and definitely best tour and experience of Mt. Teide’s darkest skies