Ben and family July 2018

“Simon and Margaret took us on a stargazing trip when we were in Tenerife last week. Apart from myself, our group comprised my parents and my 6 year old sons, so it was amazing that Margaret and Simon managed to keep us all enthralled from eight till about one in the morning! It was such a memorable experience, my boys are still raving about being able to perfectly see Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, the moon’s craters and a number of constellations all within one evening. Simon’s knowledge and passion for astronomy are infectious, and he made it a point to help us sight and understand the major constellations, and pointed out globular clusters and other interesting astronomical features that we had no idea of previously. The boys were amazed at being able to handle real-life asteroid pieces, and we were all kept (too) well fed and watered during the evening. Extremely highly recommended for anyone with even a passing interest in astronomy, and looking for something more personalised than the larger bus tours”