Focuser upgrade

Today I did some work on our venerable but superb Skywatcher 200ps Newtonian telescope, adding a motorised focus control unit to make it easier to get a really good focus. I took the opportunity to attach the Canon 1100D DSLR to the focuser with a t2 spacer and tested it to make sure we had enough back focus for it. It’s all ready for imaging now. Happy stargazing!

HEQ5 Hypertune power up

So, we picked up the astro gear today from our lock up and powered up the HEQ5 Pro to see what it’s like since it had its Hypertune. It was very smooth and very quiet. Both axes are tight with no slop even when fully loaded and settling time is a few short seconds. Dark Frame Optics recommend these mounts are run at 13.8v for optimal performance so I made a voltage booster to be able to run it from a 12v source. It’s working nicely. I will get a first look at its tracking performance tonight but so far so very good!