More shooting stars than ever before!

We had a glorious night on the mountain last night with guests John, Charlie and Billy. The air was steady and as clear as I’ve seen it. After a stunning sunset accompanied by a one-day-old crescent Moon, we turned our attention to the stars and watched as more and more came out and the Milky Way appeared. We counted 32 shooting stars and doubtless missed more but the highlight for me was Saturn. Under steady skies we were able to see its rings clearly and the Cassini Division was sharp and clear. Cloud bands were visible on the planet’s surface and we could also see Saturn’s five brightest moons – Titan, Rhea, Dione, Enceladus and Tethys. Titan, the giant moon is always an easy spot but to see the other 4 was a bonus, right down to Enceladus which is only 500km in diameter, at a distance of roughly 700 million miles, that’s pretty impressive! Saturn remains well positioned for observing for a few months yet.

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