Best of both

We’re now moving into the time of the year when we can combine both sunset and the best of the Milky Way in a single trip. Temperatures on the mountain are slowly creeping up; the beekeepers have been moving their hives up from the lower elevations to take advantage of the flowering plants in Las Canadas and have been a regular sight during our last week of stargazing.

The sky is a real treat at the moment with four prominent planets on view and the summer constellations appearing. The Milky Way was again clear and bright enough this morning to cast a shadow which I still haven’t got used to and even when the first quarter Moon was up it was still clearly visible in the sky; I doubt there are many other places where that could be said! One of the benefits of Tenerife’s skies that is often overlooked is the sheer quantity of meteors that you see regardless of whether there is a recognised meteor shower happening or not. It seemed like every minute or so this morning one of us said “that was a bright one”.  Most are small and of short duration but Tenerife’s skies are so good they show up well and it’s now becoming an oddity if we don’t see a good number of meteors, the complete opposite of skies back in the UK! We really must get our all-sky camera set up for a night and capture them I’m sure it would make a nice time lapse.

August’s Perseid meteor shower, known locally as the “Tears of San Lorenzo” should be a stunner coinciding with a new moon as it does. The mountain will be overrun with excursions as normal but we have a nice, dark spot where no one other than the beekeepers go! Looking forward to that very much.



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