Nebulae and star clusters galore

Lord of the rings, Saturn

Sunday night served up a stunning sky for our guests. Despite some annoying bedroom lights at the Parador Hotel, the Milky Way was in excellent contrast and star clusters and bright nebulae were clearly visible to the naked eye. The binoculars were in constant use with so many amazing deep sky objects to look at and we were spoiled for choice. Switching to the telescope brought some of these targets into stunning close-up and objects like bright globular clusters M13 and Omega Centauri were sharply defined. The atmosphere was steady and Jupiter was also well-defined with the two main cloud bands clearly visible and even a suggestion of the northern polar cap but the “star” again was Saturn bringing exclamations of “wow!” as we zoomed in on it and its surreal rings. It was beautifully presented against an inky black sky and our guests commented that it didn’t look real it was so clear. It was such a good night we stayed out a lot longer than we had originally planned.

Great Hercules Cluster M13
Milky Way over Las Canadas

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