Planets, Galaxies, Clusters, Nebulae, Milky Way and Meteors plus a UFO?!

A cracking night in Tenerife last night with guest Martin under the stillest skies I’ve seen. The cloud bands of Jupiter were clear and steady and the Great Red Spot was easy to see and well defined. We could see Io as a spherical moon on the limb of Jupiter as it began its transit and also its shadow although Jupiter was so bright we really could have done with a filter. Omega Centauri was amazing, with individual stars resolved and we could see the dust band across galaxy Centaurus A. Galaxies M81, M82 and Sombrero were bright and we saw the Lagoon and Swan nebulae. Surface markings were just visible on Mars too and of course Saturn was a wow. Add in the Milky Way and 20+ meteors and it was an excellent night. And there is the mystery of the unidentified glowing green object that crossed the sky in the early hours. It wasn’t a plane or a meteor and was completely silent. I’ve no idea what it was but it was an object, it was flying and it is unidentified………..

Picture is of the Milky Way rising over Izana Observatory on Sunday morning. As usual I try to keep my pictures near to what the camera catches  with no artificial painting of effects or unnatural boosting of colours or brightness.

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