In a galaxy far, far away…………….

The Moon was pretty bright last night being 71% of full but the conditions in Las Canadas were great. With only a mild wind, the temperature stayed in double digits and the seeing was more than reasonable. All of the main constellations were there and the Orion Nebula remained visible to the naked eye despite the Moon directly overhead. The clear air meant we had a crisp view of the Moon’s surface even at 250x magnification when it felt like we were actually inside one of the craters.

Having looked at something only 384,000 km away we then looked at a pair of galaxies that are 12 million light years away and even with the Moon, were clear and bright in the eyepiece of our large telescope. Looking at something that is outside of own galaxy and so far away is amazing enough but when you realise that it took the light 12 million years to reach your eye it becomes a real wow moment. Astronomy is not only a science but a form of time travel, allowing us to look back in time and one day we may be able to look far enough back to see the very creation of the Universe!


Galaxies M81 and M82 12 million light years away








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