The Ghost of Jupiter!

Saw this small, planetary nebula last night from our balcony whilst tuning the 200p Newtonian so grabbed a quick image. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen this and I am impressed, the colour is very strong and unusually green/blue. I will have a proper go at this another time.


NGC 3242
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Designations: Ghost of Jupiter, Jupiter’s Ghost, Eye Nebula, Caldwell 59

NGC 3242, commonly known as the Ghost of Jupiter, is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Hydra.
William Herschel discovered the nebula on February 7, 1785, and cataloged it as H IV.27.
This planetary nebula is most frequently called the Ghost of Jupiter, or Jupiter’s Ghost due to its similar size to the planet, but it is also sometimes referred to as the Eye Nebula.The nebula measures around two light years long from end to end, and contains a central white dwarf with an apparent magnitude of eleven. The inner layers of the nebula were formed some 1,500 years ago. The two ends of the nebula are marked by FLIERs, lobes of fast moving gas often tinted red in false-color pictures. NGC 3242 can easily be observed with amateur telescopes, and appears bluish-green to most observers. Larger telescopes can distinguish the outer halo as well.

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