Stargazing and Photography Trips

El Teide casts a shadow at sunset

The Dark Skies Tenerife experience – get away from the tour bus crowds and headlights to experience a night sky few people get to see. Our experiences take place in the Teide National Park at stunning locations within the Las Canadas caldera volcanic crater for that truly special experience. The night typically lasts 5-6 hours and normally starts off by watching the sunset from a stunning vantage point with a glass of fizz and some nibbles. We will then drive into the El Teide National Park to experience the full beauty of its famous skies. Accompanied by our lead sky guide, explore the stars and constellations of the night sky, look through powerful binoculars and telescopes or get those wow shots with your camera (instruction included).

Prices are typically £300 for a private group of up to 6 people. Included is: hot and cold drinks including beer, water, wine and soft drinks; pastries and nibbles; a hamper of tapas; binoculars, a large computerised telescope, DSLR camera and tripod. Enjoy complimentary travel in our luxury 4×4 to remote, dark skies where we will take you on a laser-guided tour of the heavens and show you some of the marvellous sights up-close through our large telescope. Learn about the constellations and stars and see satellites and shooting stars whiz overhead while our guide shares some of the legends associated with the night sky.

We only operate between the months of March and October inclusive to take advantage of the better weather.


Want to do something different? Tell us what it is and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Just fill in your details on our contact form and we’ll work with you to design your perfect VIP experience.

Saturn – Lord of the Rings

Want to learn astrophotography or advance your knowledge? We can provide bespoke instruction in the use of equipment and how to take and process great photos.

Want to do some serious astronomy or imaging? We can arrange a trip for you and your equipment into the mountains and show you to the very best and secluded dark sites. We also have a range of equipment we can provide to save you bringing your equipment from home or to augment what you have:-

  • 200mm Newtonian Reflector or Celestron C9.25 telescopes
  • HEQ5 Pro GOTO mount Hyper-tuned by Dark Frame Optics Ltd or Star Adventurer astrophotography tracking mount
  • ASI224MC camera, ASI170MCPro and Canon 1100D DSLR cameras
  • Various eyepieces and filters, atmospheric dispersion corrector, 5x and 2.5x Televue Powermates, 2x Xcel Barlow etc.
  • Laptop with imaging software

Use the contact form to tell us exactly what you are interested in or to enquire further.

Taking pictures on the mountain
Taking pictures on the mountain
The Milky Way and the tree
Stargazing under dark skies
A cascade of jewels!
A cascade of jewels
The great nebula in Orion
The great nebula in Orion
Mars – the red planet
Jupiter, king of the planets!