Picture choice from 2019 – it’s raining stars!

A star trail image over the island of La Gomera using a simple technique that makes it look like there’s a meteor storm going on. There was a lot of green airglow that night which adds an other worldly feel to the image. This shot appeared in Astronomy Now. If you’d like to learn to take shots like these, have a look at our photography experiences.

November bookings now available

We had so many enquiries last year to go stargazing in November that we have decided to extend our season this year to include it. Dates in November are now available to be booked.

Today’s picture choice from 2019 – July’s lunar eclipse with guest Hilary and husband


A special night watching the partial eclipse develop as the Moon rose over Gran Canaria soon after sunset.

Today’s picture choice from 2019 – The magnificent Parque Nacional del Teide

Daylight Moon over Teide

Taken from a spot where I go to do most of my observing and imaging, just a beautiful landscape where you can feel totally away from it all.

Today’s picture choice from 2019 – A close up of the core of the Milky Way

My best ever image of the central area of the Milky Way core showing just how densely packed with stars, dust and nebulas it is. The bright “star” is the planet Jupiter.

Telegraph article on the “new” Tenerife



Today’s picture choice from 2019 – Star and Moon trails

A bright Moon illuminates the volcanic landscape while the stars revolve overhead and planes circle the island at low level. The island poking up from the sea of clouds on the horizon is La Palma.

Today’s picture choice from 2019 – Milky Way.

The Milky Way standing high and proud above the Corona Forestal with ghostly green air glow shimmering over the trees. The bright “star” is the planet Jupiter. One of my all time favourite pics of the Milky Way taken on a particularly clear night.

Today’s picture choice from 2019 – The Orion Constellation

Glorious Orion

Today’s picture choice from 2019 – Daytime Moon over La Caldera

I captured this wonderful waxing gibbous Moon peering over the crater wall while walking in Las Canadas. A lovely contrast against the fantastic volcanic rock.

Today’s 2019 picture choice – star gazing under the Milky Way

A memorable night with guests in May when the Milky Way arched across the sky, probably my favourite time of year to photograph it.

Today’s picture choice from 2019

Taken from our balcony in Playa de la Arena in April, this is one of my favourites of the sun setting into the sea. There’s a touch of green at the top too!

Today’s Picture Choice from 2019

Waxing Moon in daylight through clouds coloured by the setting Sun, from April.

Today’s Picture Choice from 2019

Sol, our sun and the nearest star to Earth setting into the clouds. March 2019.

2019 Picture Choice – Full Moon Supermoon

From March this year and one of my favourite pictures of the rising full Moon as it was being distorted by the atmosphere close to the horizon. It was spectacular to watch it change shape from an irregular, orange blob emerging from the sea to the recognisable face of our Moon. An unforgettable night.

Photos from 2019

I’ve started the long task of curating all the pictures I took in 2019 (7229 according to Lightroom!) and will post the ones I like the most over the coming weeks.

I’ll start off with this one though, not because it’s a favourite but because of the intriguing melted rock (lava bomb possibly) in the foreground. It stands on its own and is over 2m high. I tried to image it with the Milky Way but the air to the south west was full of dust from the Sahara and the Milky Way didn’t come out well. Definitely one I’d like to go back to next year when the sky is better as I think there’s an interesting composition to be captured here.

Keeping busy back in the UK 😀

People often ask why we return to the UK in Winter when most people are heading for the warmth of Tenerife. Apart from spending a traditional Christmas at home with family, the answer is that Winter is the time for astronomy in the UK and to be honest, it gets very cold and windy up on Teide in winter, even colder than the NE of England!

I first got interested in running stargazing events thanks to experience and training I was given by the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park partnership and I like to return the favour by supporting the Northumberland National Park with their Dark Skies Programme as a volunteer in the Winter and as you can see from the picture, the skies can be just as good!

Clear skies everyone!

Christmas Gift Promotion

We had a couple of bookings this year that had been given as gifts and we thought “what a great idea!”

So here’s an incentive to giving a loved one an out-of-this-world treat this Christmas. All bookings received before Christmas will receive a 15% discount on our list prices and we’ll even design a bespoke Stargazing Experience voucher for you to wrap up for the big day.

Just get in touch with your contact info and we’ll get back with you to discuss the details. http://www.darkskiestenerife.co.uk/contact-us/

New reviews

I finally found the time to update our customer reviews. Once again we have been blessed to meet some lovely people doing this and made lots of new friends. There´s something about being in the mountains under a glorious starry sky that brings people together and it´s one of the main reasons we love doing this so much. Check out what people have said in the Testimonials tab and honestly, we do publish every review, not just the good ones!

Another great stargazing season

We´re approaching the end of our season here in Tenerife and what a year it has been. We´ve shown many more people the special skies here than last year and have received many, lovely and often touching testimonials. Bookings for 2020 are now open on our website with 9 dates per month available for advanced bookings – we avoid the weeks with the brightest Moon so that everyone gets a chance to see the amazing Milky Way here but we are always up for a Moon watch night too so get in touch if that´s what you´re interested in. As usual, our trips remain private and bespoke and we welcome input from guests who want something extra special or different. We´ve had bookings this year for Christmas and birthday gifts, couples celebrating anniversaries, honeymooners and even a proposal of marriage, which was just a bit special!

Our experience is a very personal one with the most time under the stars of any experience available here and we take you to our secret, dark sky spots away from the tour coaches and headlights where you will experience unspoiled views of the night sky and enjoy the absolute serenity of the mountains. Check out our reviews here, on TripAdvisor and Facebook to see what previous guests have thought of us.

Finally a big thank you to all of guests this year who booked with us, we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and sharing the beauty of the Tenerife night. Clear skies and keep looking up!