Looking forward to 2020 stargazing in Tenerife

We are now well into 2020 and looking towards the start of our new season in April when we will meet new people to go stargazing with and hopefully welcome some old friends back for another dose of Tenerife’s beautiful dark skies. It’s around now that we start thinking about the year ahead, review what we did last year and prepare for the coming season.

Deep sky observing

Our trusty computerised telescope mount came back with us to the UK and is in for a service with mount-tuning specialists Dark Frame Optics to make sure it is in tip-top condition for the new season. We’ve bought another rechargeable handwarmer for those cold nights as the last one proved so useful especially as it has a red and white light torch built in and can recharge phones as well as keeping hands toasty warm.

Our SUV was inspected and given an ITV (MOT) before we left in November and passed with flying colours, it will be serviced at the beginning of April. We’ve stocked up on the special cleaning products we need for keeping our lenses and eyepieces clean, they do get dusty from the mountain and inevitably get the odd thumbprint too and that will be the first job when we get back to Tenerife.

Dark skies

We’ll also be reviewing our drink and food menu and mixing that up a bit for this year. Our partnership with “deli-on-the-hill” in Puerto Santiago was very successful with many reviews commenting on the food and we’re looking forwarded to trying out more of their food this coming year. They are particularly good at working around allergies and food intolerances and are highly recommended.

We’ve added photography trips to our experiences again after trialling them for a short period last year and hope to get more people taking great shots of the Milky Way; like a lot of things it isn’t difficult once you know how but getting over that learning curve is tough unless someone gives you some hands-on experience. An absolute beginner can do it with the right instruction.

We hope to see some of you in 2020 but in the meantime, clear skies and keep looking up!

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