Telescope upgrade

For our last two bookings we have trialled a more advanced telescope than our normal one with great results. Our 200mm Newtonian always had excellent optics but as with all scopes of this design such as dobsonians, they do not take kindly to being transported and are rarely at their best after a ride up the mountain. We have had a more advanced Shmidt Cassegrain type of telescope for a while but have reserved this solely for special occasions as it is a much more expensive piece of kit and we were wary of being able to transport it safely. The model is a Celestron C9.25, sometimes known as a planet-killer because of its ability to show planets in high detail and the last two trips showed this to be true with Saturn and Jupiter looking fantastic and showing lots of detail. Shmidt Cassegrain telescopes are high-end telescopes, they offer stunning, high magnification and high contrast views. This evening we were able to make out the dust lanes of the Andromeda Galaxy and the central White Dwarf remnant of the Ring Nebula, not bad at all. Happy skies!

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