Deep sky wonders

When we’re not taking people up the mountain I sometimes get the opportunity to do some deep sky imaging and recently I had a go at two of the best, The Eagle Nebula made famous by Hubble’s close up of the pillars of creation where stars are being born and The Helix Nebula, also known as “The eye of God”. They’re both too faint to see well in anything but a very large telescope and it takes long exposures with a camera to bring out the amazing colours. We’ve noticed that it’s been much busier up the mountain this year as astro-tourism grows in popularity, fortunately we have access to some secluded spots where we can get away from the headlights, head torches and flashlights that are blighting the main viewing areas in Las Canadas, otherwise it would be a lot harder to get such pictures.

The Eagle Nebula
The Helix Nebula

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