April full Moon

So while we had a very clear sky, it was very windy with high gusts and the planetary imaging we were hoping to do wasn’t possible. We did get this image of people waiting on the summit of Teide for sunset and a video of the full Moon setting behind. If you play it at HD you’ll be able to make out a couple of tiny climbers making their way up the ridge to where the main group is. You might also notice some torchlights flashing in the dark. It was a very cold one but to watch the Moon setting over El Teide as the sun began to rise was quite breathtaking and I’ll be watching every one I can from now on and judging by the number of people I saw, I’m not the only one impressed by it. While it is the stars that always get the “star” billing, we often forget how quite majestic the Moon can be especially when coupled with El Teide’s incredible landscapes. Clear skies everyone, hope you enjoy the video.

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