Why Dark Skies Tenerife is the best choice for your stargazing trip.

Whilst we have been closed we have received many enquiries from people trying to find someone that does what we do and asking if we can recommend another stargazing guide. Unfortunately we can’t because there really isn’t anyone else who does what we consider to be proper stargazing tours.

Come with us and you won’t have to settle for “stargazing in a layby” beside a busy main road or having to queue for a quick look through a telescope while trying not to be blinded by headlights, our trips will take you to the really dark spots where you will have as much time as you like with our powerful telescope. Enjoy a leisurely, delicious tapas buffet and complimentary drinks while we watch the sunset, instead of wasting time in a cheap restaurant eating cheap food. Don’t queue at a bus stop for a tour coach or Transit Van mini-bus, enjoy comfortable transport directly from your accommodation at times to suit you in our roomy SUV that will whisk you up the mountain in half the time.

We only operate small group, bespoke trips so we can fully concentrate on what you want to do. You will have more time under the stars, see more, learn more and have a more immersive experience with us than with any other excursion company and don’t forget that we are approved by the Tenerife Tourist Board so you can be sure you are booking with a legitimate excursion operator, not one of the rogue traders out there.

Happy stargazing!

Not the most glamorous picnic box but it’s what’s it in that counts!
It’s pretty dark where we go

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