Perseids 2018

I don’t think I’ve seen so many cars on the mountain as there were for last night’s peak of the Perseids and there were probably as many again that couldn’t find anywhere to park and were driving down off the mountain as we were driving up. Even our favourite and secluded off-road spot, which we normally have to ourselves had several visitors but we were able to find our own space, the advantage of off-road capability and knowledge of the tracks the beekeepers and hunters use paying off. The weather has not been kind with a storm hanging over the island with rain and lightning threatened and indeed we did get a short shower at one point but this soon cleared. Luckily though the part of the sky with the least clouds tended to be around Cassiopea which was ideal for seeing Perseids and we saw quite a few although nothing like the shower a fully clear sky might have given us. Half a dozen or so were of the “wow” variety; relatively long and bright but the majority were short and extremely fast. The green colour of these meteors was very prominent although there was also a handful of white ones and some that weren’t Perseids at all. It was certainly worth sticking with it, bad weather and all. Photo opportunities were difficult with the constantly changing clouds but we did manage a few successful captures.

The Perseid and The Pleiades
Perseid on the Milky Way
Perseid shoots past Andromeda

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