Our first Russian review on TripAdvisor translated on Google Translate!

Hello! We arrived in Tenerife and want to celebrate the unusual wedding anniversary. Originally we planned to go to the Teide by night, to admire the starry sky, but our tour operator recommended to pay attention to the Dark Skies Tenerife. We listened to his advice and absolutely happy that we chose this tour! On the day of our holiday, our guide, Steve drove us and drove to the hotel (and probably correctly called this manor) in Vilaflor, we had a couple hours to accommodate and take a walk around the neighborhood after 18 Steve took us to watch the sunset. We watched the sunset from the height of 2000 m above the clouds – it was incredibly beautiful and romantic. After (after dark), we went even higher to look at the starry sky, Steve showed us the planets and constellations. It was cold enough, and he carefully wrapped in our blankets and our two year old son entertained hot chocolate. On returning to the village Vilaflor we waited for a delicious dinner and a pleasant surprise – an outdoor jacuzzi and a bottle of Spanish sparkling wine in honor of our holiday! It was the perfect romantic evening! In the morning we waited for breakfast and at a convenient time (as previously agreed) Steve brought us home for us. I really want to thank Steve and his team for the given holiday. I heartily recommend a visit to this tour!

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