Dark Skies Tenerife

Welcome to Dark Skies Tenerife – amazing stargazing holidays on the island of eternal spring!

Tenerife is one of the best places in the world for stargazing. Not only is the sky exceptionally dark and clear, it’s dark all year round, so when the nights stop being dark in the UK and mainland Europe, it’s still astro-season here!

Why be restricted to a few cold winter months to enjoy your hobby when you can do it here any time of the year?

Very clean air and typically over 290 days per year of clear or mainly clear skies makes Tenerife world-renowned as a top destination to go stargazing. Dark Skies Tenerife offers unique stargazing holidays to suit everyone who wants to experience the true darkness of Tenerife and the stunning beauty of its starry skies.

Dark Skies Tenerife has its own “stay and gaze” hotel located in Vilaflor, a place where it is easy to escape light pollution and clouds. We offer much more than just a coach tour up the mountain; we have our own telescopes, binoculars, a roof top observing terrace and a range of holiday packages, excursions and astronomy equipment to suit everyone. Guests can fully indulge their passion for the night sky be it stargazing, deep sky astronomy or astrophotography. Our resident astronomer is an experienced sky guide and presenter and will be happy to help you discover the delights of our clear skies. He also teaches astro-photography to those wanting to go beyond visual astronomy.

If you haven’t experienced it before, you just won’t believe how good the night sky is here!

5 thoughts on “Dark Skies Tenerife”

  1. This has got to be the best trip I have ever encountered in Tenerife.
    DarkSkies offer an amazing experience which is value for money delivered with exceptional service with a knowledgeable host.

  2. I’m so pleased I came across Stephen Phelps whilst looking for astronomy in Tenerife. With a few days notice he arranged a trip for me to the Caldera , where we stayed for hours taking photos of stars and nebulae. He went out of his way to make sure we had a great evening. Peter, the astronomer was very knowledgeable and helpful and made sure we had some fantastic photos. I will definitely be contacting Stephen as soon as I am back in Tenerife to go out for the night again.

  3. I am so happy that we did this.. Stephen’s knowledge of the stars was amazing. Myself, Jim and Rosie would like to thank Stephen and Angie for a wonderful time and will recommend this to all our friends, family and colleagues. A definite must do
    Thank you both

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