Dark Skies Tenerife

Welcome to Dark Skies Tenerife, amazing stargazing experiences under amazing skies. Let us take you on a journey into the Universe!

Dark Skies Tenerife offers unique, private, stargazing and photography experiences for all lovers of the cosmos; we have our own telescopes, binoculars, cameras and other equipment to suit everyone. Guests can fully indulge their passion for the night sky be it stargazing, deep sky astronomy or astrophotography – all photographs used in our website have been taken by us and we love showing people how to take great photos.

We operate between the months of April and October inclusive when temperatures are mild on the mountain and there is little chance of cloud to spoil things. We specialise in private experiences for small family groups or friends, where you will spend more time looking at the sky and less time travelling.

Don’t settle for “stargazing in a layby” with everyone else, our comfy SUV will take you to secluded spots where your enjoyment of the night sky won’t be spoiled by headlights and big tour groups.

We will show you a stunning sunset then take you on a laser-guided safari of the night sky, pausing to use powerful binoculars to look closely at interesting objects while explaining the night sky and discussing the big questions about the cosmos. Unlike other tours, we provide a very powerful telescope and give you plenty of time with it to observe whatever planets and deep sky objects are in the sky that night. Don’t settle for a tour without a telescope or one where you have to queue with a bus-load of others for a quick look.

We show you more objects than anyone else and spend the time to explain what you are looking at. Our telescope is powerful enough to show you the rings of Saturn, clouds on Jupiter, nebulae, star clusters, beautiful and colourful double stars and a host of galaxies many millions of light years away.

A trip to see the amazing skies of Tenerife should be on everyone’s bucket list, why not combine a trip to the sun with a memorable night under one of the best night skies in the world! Whether you are new to stargazing, an experienced astronomer or astrophotographer, Dark Skies Tenerife offers the best experience there is. 

No one does a stargazing trip as well as we do, let us be your stargazing guide to one of the very best experiences Tenerife has to offer. Check out our reviews to see what people are saying about us.

If you haven’t experienced it before, you just won’t believe how good our night sky is! Tenerife is recognised world-wide as one of the very best locations in the world for astronomy. We are blessed with a climate that keeps the clouds low down, meaning the higher areas are almost always cloud free and we rarely miss a celestial event, a stargazer’s dream! The sky is dark every night, even in the height of summer so why be restricted to a few cold winter months to enjoy the stars when they are available here all year round?

No clouds and very dark skies!

Image courtesy of NASA

The El Teide National Park is world famous not only as a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also as a very important place for astronomy and is  accredited as both a Starlight Reserve and a Starlight Tourist Destination. The Izaña observatory here is one of the most important sites in the world for scientific research. They record almost 300 days of the year as clear or only partially cloudy, so you can be confident of experiencing the dark skies any week of the year.

Dark Skies Tenerife is an approved tour company registered on the Canarian Government’s General Tourism Register (Registro General Turistico I-0004321.1), so you can be confident you are dealing with a legitimate and professional company. Our guide is a qualified and experienced astronomy guide,  who previously delivered guided astronomy events for The Northumberland International Dark Sky Park and The Forestry Commission in the UK, among others. He is also trained in outdoor first aid, something we feel is very important in the mountains.